Eyes on MN

Eyes on Minnesota

Meet Our Customers
  • Kathryn Sieve
    Kathryn Sieve

    Kathryn Sieve, owner of Winsome Goods, wears frames from The Spectacle Shoppe’s killer vintage collection.

    Kathryn sews her own and holds her own at her studio in Northeast Minneapolis. Her clothing line is bold, unique and timeless. Why should her glasses be any different?

  • The Hanson Brothers
    Hanson Brothers

    The creative musical force known as the Hanson Brothers have shaped the sounds of many of the Twin Cities’ best artists. And they  get their shades at the Spectacle Shoppe because we treat eyes like art. Are you ready to look like a rock star?

  • T.D. Mischke
    T.D. Mischke

    T. D. Mischke. Renegade radio host, pod-star, celebrated writer and musician, eccentric savant, quirky intellectual, outlaw orator, father, husband, whiskey drinker (and rather private so we better stop there).

    Mischke views his unique world exclusively through Spectacle Shoppe lenses. And dang it, we’re proud.

  • Greg Awada
    Greg Awada

    Father, chef, hockey player, writer and oh so much more, Greg Awada wears many hats but he only wears one pair of glasses. And just like his pizza, the best in town.

  • Chili

    Steve “Chili” Chilstrom says he’s an “unassuming Grandaddy” from Coon Rapids most days, but when he climbs into his leather, he escapes to boisterous biker rallys to “enjoy the human theater.” Chili says his Big Daddy glasses from The Spectacle Shoppe keep out the wind and bugs; clearing the way for “one wild spectacle.”

  • Molly Maher
    Molly Maher

    Molly Maher is a guitar stringer, song slinger and acoustic guru at Willie’s in St. Paul. From Work Day to Gig Night, she always looks great in her Spectacle Shoppe glasses. Keep an eye on her at mollymaher.com

    Molly is wearing Scott Harris Underground by Europa International.